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Local Health Jurisdiction Meeting Recording 2/15/2023

  • 1.  Local Health Jurisdiction Meeting Recording 2/15/2023

    Posted 02-23-2023 07:07 AM

    Thank you Kayla Peck for this information and meeting notes!

    Below is the link to today's call, the link to the recording, and the information that was provided during the call.  If you have problems opening the recording, please try, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

    Magdalena Scott @ (Attachment)

    • COVID updates:
      • January COVID report is published online
      • HHS ending the COVID public health emergency May 11, 2023 (FAQ attached)
        • We will be discussing that ending the PHE means for Montana's state COVID reports and the state dashboards, and still waiting to hear from CDC about the COVID community levels and COVID community transmission levels used by nursing homes
        • COVID cases will continue to be reportable in the state of Montana, as specified in ARM 37.114.203 Please remember that ALL outbreaks of communicable diseases, including COVID outbreaks, are reportable in Montana.
        • From the CDC FAQ: Reporting of COVID-19 laboratory results and immunization data to CDC will change. during the PHE, HHS has had the authority to require lab test reporting for COVID-19. At the end of the COVID-19 PHE, HHS will no longer have this express authority to require this data from labs, which may affect the reporting of negative test results and impact the ability to calculate percent positivity for COVID-19 tests in some jurisdictions. CDC has been working to sign voluntary Data Use Agreements (DUAs), encouraging states and jurisdictions to continue sharing vaccine administration data beyond the PHE. Additionally, hospital data reporting will continue as required by the CMS conditions of participation through April 30, 2024, but reporting may be reduced from the current daily reporting to a lesser frequency.
        • Any other questions about the COVID public health emergency ending? Please email

    • TB Screening in refugees: United for Ukraine funding will be opened up to refugees from several countries in south and central America. MTDPHHS receives info on approved sponsors of refugees, currently 40 jurisdictions have sponsors in them. IGRA and health screenings are required of refugees within 90 days of arrival, we can connect you to resources for these screenings. Refugees are instructed to reach out to LHD, so let us know if you have questions. Notify Ryan if you would like to participate in monthly meetings about refugees and resources available:  

    • MIDIS upgrade successful on Monday!
      • Upgrade allows us to better merging patient profiles at the state, and allows us to install a new LTBI and TB page.
      • One security patch is causing issues with editing investigations when you try to submit, it may say "resources not found". To fix it, you will need to clear the cache on your web browser. Ctrl-shift-delete in windows to reset caches. Contact Danny with any issues.

    • Reminder: Call 444-0273 for all communicable disease questions, Lydia can direct you to an epi that can help you if the usual subject matter expert is out of the office for any reason.
        • We are no longer using our COVID Epi regions, that we put in place during the pandemic since our call volume is lower. Please call 0273 with COVID epi questions and Lydia will most likely direct you to our COVID epi Sam.
        • The HAI team will continue to use the Infection Prevention regions, so please contact your assigned IP COVID outbreaks in healthcare settings.

    • Summer Institute July 17-21 in Missoula:
      • Ryan will be sending a Training Needs Assessment survey next week to hear what CDEpi subjects you would like to be trained on, please fill it out.

    Syphilis Update

    • We are still seeing increases in syphilis. So far we have 4 congenital syphilis cases and 1 syphilitic stillborn
    • Please make sure we get pregnancy status for all women of childbearing age who are syphilis cases! This is very important information so we can ensure the cases are treated appropriately.
      • The STD group will begin pulling reports of syphilis cases and pregnancy status-if pregnancy is blank or unknown you'll get an email asking you to complete this information. I you do not get an email, you do not have any syphilis cases of child bearing age missing pregnancy status.
    • Ensure cases are followed up after treatment to make sure it was appropriate for the stage of syphilis, and if not, get them retreated properly
    • Please follow up quickly on syphilis labs as quickly as possible so we can get folks into treatment and precent more CS cases in the future.

    Trisha Gardner @


    • The May 11, 2023 end to the public health emergency does not equate to the end of the current national vaccine distribution program or the transition to commercialization. 
    • HHS is working with public, private and industry partners to transition the purchase and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to standard regulatory and healthcare coverage pathways. CDC and HHS are collecting questions and conducting outreach and focus groups to help ensure that jurisdictional and partner needs/questions are addressed.
    • While not final, the US government (USG) expects COVID-19 vaccines to be purchased and distributed by traditional private/public channels for the Fall 2023 vaccine campaign.
    • Vaccination data reporting agreement with CDC currently has an end date of 12/31/23, and reporting is expected to continue until that date, unless there is an official change announced.
    • The ending of the PHE will not impact FDA's ability to authorize vaccines for emergency use. Existing emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for products will remain in effect and the agency may issue new EUAs going forward when criteria for issuance are met.
    • Future of COVID specific program and site visits post commercialization still unknown at this time.
    • PHE end is also different than the end of the PREP Act – limited liability immunity coverage for providers for COVID-19 countermeasure activities related to a USG agreement will not be affected by the end of the PHE.
    • End of PHE does not alter current task orders in place with IZ section.


    Check expiry dates & keep Vaccine Finder up-to-date and public.

    Additional Novavax is available for ordering with an expiration date in April.

    ACIP meets Feb 22-24. COVID vaccine future is on the agenda. They will be discussing harmonization but in the absence of any changes to authorizations, ACIP will not vote on that. VRBPAC did vote unanimously to move to bivalent presentations (harmonize) however FDA did NOT change current authorizations.

    Immunization Regional Workshops – registration is open Immunization Regional Workshops (


    New interim clinical considerations Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of JYNNEOS and ACAM2000 Vaccines during the 2022 U.S. Mpox Outbreak | Mpox | Poxvirus | CDC

    Laura Williamson @

    Childhood lead poisoning prevention update:

    • DPHHS has a cooperative agreement with CDC to enhance surveillance and prevention activities for childhood lead poisoning.
    • Please take a brief survey on your jurisdiction's activities related to childhood lead poisoning. The survey will close Friday, February 17.

    Terry Ray
    Public Health & Safety Division
    (406) 444-9352